April 2, 2023
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USA Visa Application Form – Apply for USA Visa

Do you want to travel to us? Here is the USA visa application form; you will learn how to apply starting from a scratch, also if you have applied before and didn’t make it, this may be one or two reasons why your visa application was unapproved.

The United states is one of the countries any one on earth will like to be to, the country is highly developed and structured both in technology education and the rest. Moreover, having the united states visa gives you room to apply for any other country visa cheaply, with the visa, you can easily apply for Canada visa, apply for Chinese Visa, Indian Visa, European or Schengen visa, etc.

However, getting the U.S visa is not easy, you may have the money and the connection but yet be rejected, but trust me, if you follow the right process, your visa application will be approved.

Trust me, VisaVac has helped a lot  of people to grab USA visa application form and apply successfully, and Yes, you will do that now.

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Eligible Countries for USA Visa Application

Am sure the first thing you will lie to know is if your country is eligible to apply for the United states visa:

Bangladesh, Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala, Canada, China (mainland-born), Philippines, Dominican Republic, El Salvador,  Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Korea,
United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and its dependent and Vietnam.

The countries listed above are the countries that are not eligible to apply for the US Diversity Visa. Please note that, the diversity visa is a free visa from the United States that permits countries who has low rate of immigration into the United States to travel into the United states for free.

What Kind of Visa Do I Need?

Visa Waivers: If you intend to travel into the United state for business, tourism, academic, work, marriage, investments, medical or other purpose, you may only need to apply using the visa waiver.

USA Visa Application Form – How to Apply for US Visa

If you don’t want to visit the United states for any of the reasons listed above, but want to migrate to the United states. You may use the second form to apply. However, if you are not sure of which one to use, you can still take the eligible test to find out the category you are in.

Things to Note

  • Once you are done filling the USA Visa Application form (click here to see form);proceed to submit the DS-160 application form online before you will be booked for an interview.
  • While filling up the form, make sure that the interview post which you will select while filling up the form will be the same post where you will schedule for your interview.
  • Also While filling up the form, if you mistakenly take a break for about 20 minutes, then you may need to start the application again, therefore get everything you need ready before starting the application.
  • The online USA visa application form filling is easier, because while filling the form, the completed DS-160 application form will automatically generate an alpha numeric barcode confirmation page, this must be printed and must be presented during your interview.
  • So before you start your application, bear in mind that you will be printing a copy of that and once the barcode confirmation page is printed, you can now tap on the back button and then send yourself a back up copy of the DS-160 form via a mail.

Once you are done applying for your visa, you will be booked for an appointment, so make sure you get ready and be there on the said date and venue. For other inquires please use the comment box below to get to us.


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