April 2, 2023
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Top 10 Big Cities in Canada

Canada is a country with 10 provinces and has three territories that cover over 9,985,000 million square kilometers. However, Canada is in the Northern part of North America and spread from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.

Canada is the second-largest country in the world. It has the longest land border in the world with the US. As large as the country is, so are it’s cities large too. Let’s see the top 10 Big Cities in Canada in this article.

Top 10 Big Cities in Canada

Toronto City

Toronto is known as the most populated city in Canada. Its population is about 5,429,524. Toronto is the capital of Ontario and it’s situated in the East-central region of Canada. Almost half of its population is foreign-born. Toronto is known as a major diverse city in the world just like Miami in the US. None of the Nationals holds any dominant position in the Toronto city.

Montreal, Quebec City

 Montreal, Quebec is the second big city in Canada with a total number of 3,519,595 residents. Montreal is a French-speaking city, and French is their official language. It is a big city with famous centers such as commerce, finance, pharmaceutical industry, aerospace, and Musee national fed beaux-arts du Quebec (The Museum of Civilization.).

Iconic Quebec City landmark and the castle-like Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac are interesting places to explore in this city.

Vancouver City

Another big city in Canada situated in the province of British Columbia at the West coast of Canada. Vancouver’s population is about 2,264,823 in cities and neighboring areas. This city is the most beautiful city in Canada, is surrounded by mountains in the North, Pacific Ocean at the West, the Stanley Park at the right.

Vancouver city has the largest port in Canada with the biggest industrial location. The city hosts lots of economic activities including Lumber and tourism and others. The city is linguistically diverse in Canada, about 52% of the population speaks English as their major language.

Edmonton City

 Edmonton is one of the big cities in Canada. Edmonton is called home for the largest mall in Canada, North America mall, and the West Edmonton mall. The Edmonton city is often called the Gateway to the North since it’s the entrance diamond mining in Northern Alberta and oil. The Edmonton city has a population of about 1,062,643.

Calgary City

 Calgary city is a sunny city with good weather conditions. Calgary is a city of 1,237,656 people. The city is situated in the province of Alberta. Its demographic population is an average of 36.4. The city of Calgary experience a rapid growth rate from 2001 – 2006. Growing from 12.4% rate as the rest of the world experience growth at 5.4%. The city loves farming and ranching. The only industrial sectors in this city are Oil and Gas sectors.

Ottawa – Gatineau City

 The Ottawa-Gatineau is another biggest city in Canada. It has a population of about 989,657. It is the capital of Canada, it’s located at the eastern region of One. The city’s major industries are high-tech industry and public administration.

Winnipeg City

 Winnipeg is among the top 10 Big Cities in Canada. Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba. It has a historic site at the Red and Assiniboine rivers. The city has a population of about 749,534. The Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Downtown spirit, and Arctic Glacier Winter Park make Winnipeg the best place to visit.

Hamilton City

Hamilton city us another big city in Canada with a population of 536,917. This is a port city in Ontario province of Canada. It is an industrialized area of the Golden Horseshoe at the West end of Lake Ontario. The city has a huge forested Ridge called locally as “The Mountain” and has conservation areas and waterfalls. There is also a naval warship on the city lakefront warplanes Heritage museum.

 Kitchener City

The Kitchener City is a beautiful city that is at the Saint Lawrence lowlands of Southwestern Ontario. It houses the interactive art and science exhibition at the prestigious museum the Near Sprawling Victoria Park. It is the municipality of Waterloo. It has a population of 470,015 making one of the big cities in Canada.

Quebec City

Quebec is one of the big cities and the oldest cities in Canada. It has its distinct of old-world charm. It is the last remaining walled city in Northern America. It still has its narrow cobblestone streets fortifications, rich French Canadian culture, and stone buildings. It was the administrative center and transatlantic trade port. It has a population of 705,103 people. The top 10 Big Cities in Canada are the most beautiful and unique cities in Canada, so that let us see them below.


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