March 24, 2023
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How to Create Yahoo Account on Mobile Phone – Yahoo Registration

Wondering if it is possible to create a yahoo account on Mobile phone? Well, the answer is Yes, It is possible as nowadays checking up of your mail is something that has to be done on a daily basis. Yahoo mail has become one of the best, oldest, and strongest mailing services over the years.

However, just like other emailing services like Gmail, AOL, and others, it is simply reliable and has a strong security component. With your yahoo mail account, you can access and import your mails from AOL,,, and others. Above all, you will have large storage space for your documents.

Now you know that, checking up your yahoo mail using your mobile phone is more convenient than on a computer system. Likewise, creating a Yahoo account on Mobile phone is very fast and easy. All you have to do is just follow my guidance on this article.

Why We Love Yahoo and You Too Should

Here are the features of yahoo mail app:

  • The Yahoo Mail app has a large storage capacity which means that it can store up a large file for you.
  • You can now dictate hour actions by customizing your swipe.
  • Enjoy messenger services like yahoo chat
  • users can research on important topics on the platform.
  • Also they enjoy a personalized inbox.
  • There is easy access to use your folders, such as drafts, mail sent, and spam.
  • Receive instant notifications an check out other users’ IM status.
  • You can create rich text emails with different sorts of emotions. (emoji).

We can only mention but a few but I am sure that when you signup yahoo account, you will discover the rest.

How to create Yahoo account on Mobile Phone

Just like I said above; creating a new yahoo account on your mobile phone is very simple. With a good browser from your phone, it is a done deal. Using Google Chrome to create the yahoo account on mobile phone will be more preferable. Let’s consider the steps below.

Steps to Create the Yahoo Account on Mobile phone

  • Open your internet web browser and log on to or
  • Move to the account sign up section and click on the “Get Yahoo mail”
  • Complete the forms appropriately and tap on the “Continue” button.
  • will notify you that they will love to send you verification code using your mobile phone, now accept to continue.
  • On the box displayed for you, enter the code and click on the “verify Account “
  • Next, you will see a welcome congratulatory page, letting you know that your account creation was successful. Next, you have to login to begin using your new yahoo account.

That was easy, but there is yet another way to access and create your Yahoo account on Mobile phone. This next method is simply by downloading the Yahoo Mail Mobile App form and then creating the account from there. This brings us to the next subheadings.

Yahoo Mail App for Mobile phone Download

Yahoo Mail App for mobile phones is a mobile application used in Android phone devices and iOS devices. It offers users access to important information on the platform.

More so, Yahoo Mail App for mobile phone explains the devices’ default actions. For example, move to the left to delete, and swipe to either unread or read. Grab the app now to enjoy the rest.

Furthermore, users can take action straight from the notification bar. They can customize their calendar and notification bar to suit their taste. Just simply go to Google Play Store and App stores to download your mobile app for free.

 Why You Need Yahoo Mail App

Yahoo mail app has various benefits, so here are a few of them.

  • Yahoo mail is a search engine. It saves information.
  • With yahoo mail apk, you will receive world-class information such as finance, sports, music, breaking news,  movies, and more.
  • The app functions as the middle man between the sender and the mail receiver.

Yahoo Mail Login With Mobile Phone

Once you download yahoo app and then create an account, the next thing you should do is to log out and sign in again, o as to master your login detail, so here is how to login to yahoo with mobile phone

  • Visit the Yahoo official page on your device
  • Navigate around the homepage and search for login icon
  • Next, enter your email address and Password
  • Click on the Login to open and access your account.

Am glad you read up to this point, now proceed to create your own email account.

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